Wellbeing Calendar 2024

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JAN 2024

New Year, Let’s Go!
Cultivating Your Best Self:
Thrive to Shine

FEB 2024

Heart-Centered Living
Month, Self-love, Deepening

MAR 2024

Sleep Awareness Month:
Unlocking the Power of Rest

APR 2024

Stress Awareness Month:
Your Key to Mastering Stress

MAY 2024

Mental Health Awareness
Month. Breaking Stigma,
Building Resilience

JUN 2024

Mindful Living: Cultivating
Presence and Purpose

JUL 2024

Self-Care Sanctuary:
Nurturing Your Wellbeing

AUG 2024

Happiness Unleashed:
Cultiivating Joy and

SEP 2024

Optimal Health Odyssey:
Navigating Wellness and

OCT 2024

Mental Health Awareness
Month: Nurturing Mental
Health and Wellbeing

NOV 2024

Stress Awareness Month:
Navigating Stress, Burnout,
and Anxiety

DEC 2024

Resilience and Renewal:
Reflect, Recharge and Set
Meaningful Goals

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